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Ideas and tips from dive retailers and other industry pros on how to improve dive center marketing and operations.

A Decade of Great Tips From Dive Center Training Directors, Owners & Managers: Ideas Dive Centers Can Use to Help Their Instructors Be Their Best
By Donna Askew
We decided to compile some of the best tips we've received over the years; some old, some new … all ideas dive center managers and training directors can use to help their instructors to be their best and to make their jobs a little easier. . . . keep reading
Building Referral Business: A Few Good Twists Bring In Friends and Family
By Robert Rossier
For niche markets like scuba, word-of-mouth is vital; however, to make it truly effective, you need to find ways to translate it into new business. The good news is you have the most important ingredient for success: enthusiastic and satisfied students and customers. In fact referrals are already a huge factor in this business, and more so than we all think. . . . keep reading
The Darker Shades of the Grey Market
By Joe Loomis, President and CEO of Net Enforcers
The Darker Shades of the Grey Market The grey market has long been an issue for manufacturers and their retailers, but the problem has grown exponentially because of the Internet. The simple definition of the grey market is "the sale of products by unauthorized dealers, frequently at discounted prices." Grey market worries go way beyond the scuba industry. It is a global issue for manufacturers as large as Sony, Hewlett-Packard and Xerox, and a major worry for retailers as sophisticated as Best Buy. It is also a problem within numerous industries, some of which you wouldn't guess. For example, broadcasting has its grey market resellers of Dish Network and DIRECTV. And consider the wine business -- for marketing purposes wine is sold for much less money in parts of Europe. Because of the price disparity it is possible to buy wine from an authorized distributor, say in France, and resell it in the United States, often for less than the wholesale price of a U.S. authorized distributor. No, the scuba equipment industry is not uniquely paranoid. You are not alone in your concerns. . . . keep reading
Infectious Enthusiasm Reaps Rewards
Carole Bloomquist
Infectious Enthusiasm Reaps Rewards Carole Bloomquist, manager of Point Breeze Dive Shop, talks about the attitudes she brings to her work that continue to attract new people (and new customers) to the activity she loves. . . . keep reading
'Teach Them, Then Take Them': How We Use Local Diving to Keep Business Thriving
By Bill Matthies
'Teach Them, Then Take Them':
How We Use Local Diving to Keep Business Thriving Bill Matthies, president of Minnesota School of Diving Inc., sent us this letter on how local diving benefits his business. His Midwest dive center is near a number of flooded mines, which provide local diving opportunities for his students and customers. He has made sure that his customers can never say, "I don't have anyone to dive with." It's a tale worth repeating. . . . keep reading

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