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Feature Articles
Dive Center Business Seminar: The Dark Side of Diving Litigation 2017
Why is Dive Center Business Magazine sponsoring a seminar put on by lawyers who represent and defend major companies in the industry, but also litigate against some of DEMA's members? Because if you a . . . keep reading
Buddy Dive & Caradonna Dive Adventures
DEMA Show specials: 8=7 group deals; 50% food credit; 3 extra 1-tank boat dives free. Visit us at DEMA: Caradonna Dive Adventures Booth #1137 Buddy Dive Booth #1863 For more information on . . . keep reading
Anthony's Key Resort
Visit us at DEMA Booth #2023. 2017 & 2018 - 2 for 1 special rates. Book today at anthonyskey.com . . . keep reading
What's in Store for Your Customers? Building Business by Helping Your Customers Create a Bucket List
By Robert N. Rossier
IT'S DIFFICULT TO SAY EXACTLY WHY ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL TAKES UP DIVING: so many facets of the sport are intriguing, attractive, enticing. But one thing we can depend on is this: once diving becomes a re . . . keep reading
The Catch: Strategies for Turning Sales Leads into Solid Customers
By Greg Laslo
When you're fishing for new customers, it's definitely not catch and release. You spend good time and money attracting each prospective diver, so it should be hard to let any get away. Yet not eve . . . keep reading
OPERATIONAL SURVEY SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017: How Many Dive Retailers Will Attend DEMA Show 2017?
By Mark Young
As you know, the DEMA Show will take place next month in Orlando. Alternating with Las Vegas, the show was last held here in 2015 and 2013. We surveyed the nation's dive retailers just before pres . . . keep reading
By DCB Staff
The economy continues to do well. The country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the value of all goods and services produced in the U.S. and a measure of economic outpu . . . keep reading
DEMA Show 2017, November 1-4
Register now at demashow.com. Join us at the world's premier international trade-only event for diving, action watersports and travel professional . . . keep reading
DEMA's Done: Where Does Your Travel Program Stand?
By Donna Askew
You invested time and money on gathering the intel you need to boost your dive travel program, so don't let the trail grow cold. . . . keep reading
OPERATIONAL SURVEY MARCH/APRIL 2017: How Stable Is Diving's Retail Base?
By Mark Young
This survey is published each year to determine how much growth or attrition has taken place in the retail ranks. For this edition, we expand the information of previous years to include the stores that opened and closed during 2016. . . . keep reading
If it hasn't happened already, you're about to be invaded by customers who think they're smarter than you. For sure, prospective divers who descend on your dive center may come armed with near-encyclopedic insight, preferences, and pricing expectations -- and they'll either use it with you or against you to get the value they need. . . . keep reading
Coming Together: Building a Scuba Community Through Collaboration
By Robert N. Rossier
More than simply being suppliers of goods and services, we need to be seen as a reflection of our customers' values. So if our business isn't engaged in community building, perhaps it should be. . . . keep reading
Congratulations, You're a Leader! Now Serve: Service Leadership as a Management Style.
By Tec Clark
As managers and leaders pondering the concept of service leadership, let's remember the words of automaker Henry Ford: "A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large." . . . keep reading
Confidence Survey - How Dive Stores Fared In 2016: The Mood at Dive Retail
By Mark Young
A leading gauge of the health of our industry is business at dive retail. This survey is conducted each year to see how retailers are doing. We've come through a crazy election cycle, and the stock . . . keep reading
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