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 Customer Service 101
 Retail Selling 101
Articles and information to help dive store staff to provide better customer service and become more effective salespeople TODAY!
 'As I See It'
 Avoiding Burnout
 Business Expansion
 Buying & Selling a Biz
 Dive Instruction Biz
 Dive Store Operations
 Dive Store Owner Life
 Dive Store Selling
 Employment & Staffing
 Facility Maintenance
 Gift Card Issues
 History of Dive Retail
 Insurance 101
 Internet Issues
 Legal Matters
 Loss Prevention
 Management 101
 Marketing 101
 Merchandizing 101
 Operational Surveys
 Retail Finance 101
 Seasonal Marketing
 Technical Diving
 'This Works for Us'
 Dive Travel Business
 Marketing Local Diving
Tips for packaging, promoting and leading dive travel and trips...whether you're leading divers across the globe or to your local beach or quarry.

 Profit Tips for Retailer
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